Your generosity contributes to the people-driven movement we aim to serve. The materials we produce are available to all free of charge. But that doesn't mean we can manage without money. Through regular or one-off donations you can help ensure that GRAIN continues to thrive as an independent and community-supported organisation.

If you prefer to make a regular or one-off donation by bank transfer please use the following GRAIN account details:

Bank: Caixa d’Enginyers
IBAN: ES48 3025 0001 1114 3346 5586
Account holder: GRAIN

How is GRAIN funded?

GRAIN's work is mostly financed by grants from NGOs, private foundations, governments and, at times, intergovernmental organisations (see a list here). We try to maintain a broad and diverse array of donors – to guarantee our autonomy and independence. This is not always easy. Our clear positioning against agribusiness and the industrial food system, and for food sovereignty, causes many mainstream donors staying away from us. Also, we have our own political and ethical criteria whom to accept money from and whom not.

As we are moving ahead with the implementation of our programmes and collaboration with our partners across the globe, we are now trying to build a stronger direct support base from individuals that use and appreciate our work. We very much hope that you could be one of them!

Where does GRAIN's money go to?

GRAIN has an annual budget of some 800,000 Euros. We currently have 13 staff, spread out across 11 countries in Latin and North America, Africa, Asia and Europe. We are best known for our strategic information work and incisive analysis of global trends in the food system. But behind the scenes, we also actively support and work with social movements that are fighting for food sovereignty and creating more diverse food and farming systems around the world. GRAIN’s programme is currently organised around four interconnected themes:

  • Corporations, power and the global food system
  • Land grabbing and land rights
  • People’s control over seeds
  • Food sovereignty to fight the climate crisis

Your support will be used to advance our work in all these areas. It includes the daily updating of three multilingual websites with over a million visitors every year, producing educational and training materials together with partners, churning out research and analysis on specific issues and directly accompanying groups and movements across the world. Our regional staff in the global South are constantly participating in capacity- and strategy-building activities with local organisations and GRAIN is deeply embedded in their struggles.

Please read our donation policy for further details.

Would you like to support GRAIN in other ways? Please visit this page.

Thank you!