Besides donations, there are other ways to support GRAIN. 

Share your time and skills

People often contact us at GRAIN asking about the possibility to do internships, conduct research for us or collaborate in some other manner. 

We are a very small and busy group, with limited capacity to deal with such requests. However, we fully understand that people want to get more involved in the issues and participate in the work somehow, and we would like to create more space for this.

If you want to contact us about volunteering with GRAIN, please state if you can respond quickly to ad hoc requests; whether you want to volunteer on a long or short term basis; and how much time you have available.

Areas where we currently need help:

  • Translation work
  • Text editing 

GRAIN will provide training in certain cases, recognition of your work but will not be able to provide supervision (you should be autonomous).

Proposals can be sent to volunteer[at] Given time limitations, we can only respond to proposals that appear to match our needs. Thank you for your understanding. 

Spread the word

Thank you!