Trade deals pushing UPOV

Which countries use free trade deals to push corporate control over seeds? Which countries are under attack from these deals?

UPOV Pusher
Implementing UPOV91
Pushed into UPOV91 but not yet joined or resisting*
Not UPOV91 members, but covered by UPOV91 through a multilateral agreement**

UPOV is the International Union for the Protection of New Plant Varieties.

*Cases of countries not joining or resisting UPOV occur when these countries sign the trade deal but don't change their seed law and/or don't push through with UPOV membership, e.g. due to strong pressure from citizens or a government's reluctance to amend its seed laws.

**Countries not member of UPOV91 but implementing its provisions through another mechanism, e.g. as part of a regional intellectual property organisation like OAPI or as members of a regional economic grouping like Comesa.