Workshop: Food Sovereignty and Digitalization of Food Systems

by GRAIN & ETC Group | 7 Oct 2021

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Digital agriculture is all the rage among governments and corporate agribusiness. But what does it really mean for small food producers and rural workers? This workshop will unpack the concept of “digitalization” and look at how corporations are pursuing forms of digital agriculture in different parts of the world that undermine peasant-led agroecology and food sovereignty. It will also demystify such concepts as datafication, digital land records, artificial intelligence and fintech. Finally, it will discuss how we might differentiate between useful technologies that support food sovereignty and those that don't, with a sharing of experiences from different parts of the world.

When: 12 October, 2021, 12:00 – 14:00 GMT (19h Jakarta, 14h París, 12h Dakar, 7h Ciudad de México)
Interpretation (in the Zoom platform): English, French, Spanish
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Content and panelists:

1. Digital capitalism and its vision for the transformation of food systems. Soledad Vogliano and Jim Thomas, ETC Group
2. Digital Ag corporations and their agendas. Devlin Kuyek and Kartini Samon, GRAIN
3. Resistance and useful technologies: Nachiket Udupa, India-MKSS; Perla Alvarez, Paraguay-CONAMURI; Humberto Palmeira, Brazil-MPA; Ange David Baimey, Cote d’Ivoire; Samir Doshi, USA; Nicolas Decome, France-L'Atelier Paysan

Facilitation: Larissa Packer, GRAIN

Author: GRAIN & ETC Group
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