UPOV animation: The great seed robbery

by GRAIN and Alianza Biodiversidad | 12 Feb 2021

Most seed laws that are trying to be imposed in the world are based on a convention called UPOV (International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants). Most people or organisations don’t know about UPOV, and its contents and implications for our seeds are very hard to understand.

To help you understand UPOV, we have a short animated video for you. It explains in a simple way how UPOV tries to appropriate and privatise seeds that have been developed over thousands of years by communities around the world, and why we should resist it and demand that it be dismantled.

We hope that this animation will be another tool for defending traditional and indigenous seeds, and we invite you to share it, amplify it, and use it in workshops and trainings. Please feel free to send us your questions or comments.

Because seeds are at the heart of food sovereignty, we say NO TO UPOV!

Watch it full in Youtube.
Download a high-resolution copy from Vimeo .

Author: GRAIN and Alianza Biodiversidad
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