"What does factory farming have to do with the climate crisis?" Comic strip edition

by GRAIN | 2 Dec 2020

The pandemic has turned life on its head and has made us question a whole host of matters, including industrial livestock and the issue of factory farming. This is why we are sharing the comic strip What does factory farming have to do with the climate crisis? It offers a simple and clear explanation of why producing livestock in factory farms can be devastating for our planet’s climate.

It takes its inspiration from the animated film that goes by the same name, which you can watch by scanning the QR code on the previous page. It’s the result of all of the research conducted by GRAIN over the years on the negative impact that the agri-food industry has on the climate crisis. The statistics alone are shocking enough: the world's top five meat and dairy corporations are currently responsible for more annual greenhouse gas emissions than oil companies such as Exxon, Shell and BP.

In addition to questioning the dominant model, we also reiterate the same messages voiced by consumers and peasant farmer organisations: we need to eat less factory-farmed meat and go back to eating meat that has been produced by the world’s peasant farmers ­– who have raised, sold and provided society with these animals as food for thousands of years. Now we have the challenge of getting the severity of the problem recognised at national, regional and international level; w­e need to make sure that proportionate action is taken so as to limit the power exerted by large corporations.

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Author: GRAIN
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