Video: Violence and sexual abuse against women in oil palm plantations MUST END

by Informal Alliance against Industrial Oil Palm Plantations | 25 Nov 2020

On November 25th , International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, we come together to denounce the violence and sexual abuse that thousands of women living in and around industrial oil palm plantations face in their daily lives. We stand in solidarity with them and with all the women who organize to resist.

The video “NO to violence against women and girls living in and around oil palm plantations” denounces the violence against women in West and Central Africa whose lands have been invaded by industrial oil palm plantations. The video exposes the many different forms of violence linked to industrial plantations. Palm oil companies destroy women’s livelihoods. Sexual violence, abuse and rape become an ever-present threat for women who live in and around plantations and those who toil as workers on them.

Palm oil companies profit not only from the exploitation of the land and labour on their plantations but also from the wall of silence and impunity about sexual violence against women on these plantations. This silence must be broken. And violence must end. The impunity of the oil palm industry and their funders and financial backers needs to stop!

With this video, we express our support to all the women who are left alone to suffer this violence and abuse in silence. The video also is a tribute to all those courageous women who, against all odds, resist and say No to violence and abuse.

In solidarity,

Informal Alliance against Industrial Oil Palm Plantations*

>>> For further information on the issue: Breaking the Silence: Harassment, sexual violence and abuse against women in and around industrial oil palm and rubber plantations

* The Informal Alliance is a collective of community activists and grassroots organizations in West and Central African countries resisting the expansion of industrial oil palm plantations in the region.

Author: Informal Alliance against Industrial Oil Palm Plantations
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