“Seeds in resistance” comic

by Colectivo de Semillas de América Latina | 13 Mar 2019

We share Seeds in resistance, a comic book made from the animation documentary “Semillas, ¿Bien común o propiedad corporativa? [Seeds: commons or corporate property?] published in 2017 by a collective of Latin-American organisations who work through all the continent in defence of native and indigenous seeds, seeking to guarantee food sovereignty for the peoples.

With these actions we continue to honour the millions of peasants that since the beginning of agriculture defend their seeds in their territories. We especially celebrate those who integrate La Vía Campesina and their Seed Campaign, something that has inspired the contents of this comic and has given us the conscience that seeds are “the heart of food sovereignty”.

“Seeds have a very central place in the struggle for food sovereignty. These small grains are the foundation of the world's future. They determine in each vital cycle, what type of food people will eat, and how it is grown and by whom. But seeds are also the vessel that transports the past, the vision, the knowledge and the practices gathered through thousands of years by peasant communities all over the world, creating a base to sustain all of our present”.
¡Nuestras semillas, Nuestro futuro!”, Los Cuadernos de La Vía Campesina, No. 6, June, 2013.

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The Colectivo de Semillas de América Latina is integrated by: Asociación Nacional para el Fomento de la Agricultura Ecológica (ANAFAE) in Honduras, the Red Nacional para la defensa de la Soberanía Alimentaria en Guatemala (REDSAG), the Red de Biodiversidad de Costa Rica, the Grupo Semillas de Colombia, Acción Ecológica de Ecuador, Articulación Nacional de Agroecología de Brasil, Acción por la Biodiversidad de Argentina and GRAIN.

Author: Colectivo de Semillas de América Latina
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