Where the struggles of peasants and forest communities converge

by WRM and GRAIN | 17 Nov 2015

New collection of articles on food, forests and climate change, co-produced with the World Rainforest Movement

GRAIN is happy to announce the release of the latest issue of the World Rainforest Movement’s monthly bulletin, which, for the first time, has been co-produced with GRAIN. The bulletin focuses on the common struggles of peasant and forest-dependent communities relating to climate change. It brings together several articles showing how corporations are advancing their agendas through false solutions, such as REDD+ or “climate smart” agriculture and forestry, and through trade agreements and certification schemes, such as the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil. The bulletin includes a range of resources and case studies highlighting how communities and social movements are working for real solutions to climate change and building food sovereignty.

You can access the publication on WRM's website:

Author: WRM and GRAIN
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