Together we can cool the planet!

by La Via Campesina | GRAIN | 13 Oct 2015


For many years, La Vía Campesina and GRAIN have been telling the world about how the agroindustrial food system causes half of all greenhouse gas emissions. But the world's governments are refusing to face these problems head on, and the Paris Summit in December is approaching without any effective commitment to doing so on their part.

This new video by La Vía Campesina and GRAIN gives you the information you need to understand how the agroindustrial food system is impacting our climate, and at the same time what we can do to change course and start cooling the planet. And every single one of us is part of the solution!

In the Americas, Asia, Europe and Africa, for many years, we have been criticizing false solutions to climate change like GMOs, the “green” economy, and “climate-smart” agriculture. No two ways about it: the solution to the climate crisis is in the hands of small farmers, along with consumers who choose agroecological products from local markets. This is the message we're taking to the Paris Climate Change Conference this December. Join the campaign! Share this video!

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Author: La Via Campesina | GRAIN
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