Ten years of failure: farmers deceived by GM corn

by Masipag | 12 Jun 2014

This film, released by MASIPAG in October 2013, is based on a study done by MASIPAG on the socio-economic impacts of GM corn on farmers' lives and livelihoods after more than 10 years of commercial growing of Bt corn. In the film, farmers explain how they became indebted because of the rising cost of GM corn seeds and the increasing cost and quantity of inputs being used.

The film also shares the farmers' accounts of the other effects of GM corn farming, such as the emergence of new pests, soil erosion, contamination and impacts on human and animal health. They also talk about the difficulties they face trying to go back to traditional or organic corn farming because of the loss of traditional seeds and practices.

(APLA has just translated the video – click here to see "10 years of failure" translated into Bahasa Indonesia.)

MASIPAG is a farmer-led network of people’s organizations, NGOs and scientists working towards the sustainable use and management of biodiversity through farmers’ control of genetic and biological resources, agricultural production and associated knowledge.

Author: Masipag
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